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The medicinal chemistry in development by Kanna Health is inspired by the South African medicinal plant, kanna. It is part of our mission to preserve ethnobotanical knowledge and habitats. Preservation and reciprocity with traditional knowledge holders is at the heart of our DNA.

Kanna Health inaugurated its impact work with the signature of a benefit-sharing agreement with the South African San Council (SASC) in compliance with the Nagoya Protocol.


We have voluntarily entered into this agreement to ensure that a fair and equitable benefit is shared from utilization of indigenous knowledge and the plant resource, and to ensure that the beneficiaries and South African authorities are informed of our activities from the outset. The benefit-sharing agreement recognizes the San hunter-gatherers as the primary knowledge holders in relation to the medicinal use of kanna. It also recognizes the Paulshoek/Nourivier communities and includes regular payments to both communities.


Kanna Health is grateful for the San Council’s support, and we hope to maintain and strengthen this close relationship even further with time. 

"The San Council of South Africa believes in long-term partnerships and collaborations, and our continued friendship with Dr Nigel Gericke is testimony to that. Ethical and transparent benefit-sharing negotiation based on our principles of respect, honesty, fairness, and care is paramount to any benefit-sharing agreement. The partnership with Kanna Health is a benchmark for benefit-sharing agreements with international companies. They have been transparent with the project and company information, updating us on the project development, sharing research data and remaining frank about potential project developments."

Collin Louw, Secretary General to the SASC

Not just words.

Kanna Health aims to raise awareness about the therapeutic areas we tackle and participate in volunteering initiatives focused on  education, knowledge preservation or environment. We are determined to make a difference not only through our development programs, but also our actions.


Our second volunteering initiative as a team took place on November 2023 in London. We teamed up with PangeACT to take part in the Chase the Moon 5/10km charity run in Battersea Park to raise funds in support of the Movember foundation, the leading charity changing the face of men's health.

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