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Masud's Internship Story

R&D Internship

During the summer of my final year of University, I was fortunate to be given the
opportunity to work as a research and development intern at Kanna Health. Prior to this experience, my education in pharmacology had largely been theoretical; however, this three month position provided me with invaluable and diverse hands-on experiences within the pharmaceutical industry.

At the start of my internship, I devoted time to getting acquainted with the team,
familiarising myself with their ongoing projects, and understanding the expectations associated with my role. As my internship progressed, I was entrusted with multiple projects, each affording me the opportunity to gain exposure to diverse aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. One particularly memorable project involved presenting a chemical pathway to the wider team, using literature I found online. This experience not only deepened my understanding of pharmacology and the molecular basis of different diseases, but also sharpened my presentation and confidence-building skills. As a first-time presenter outside of academia, I was grateful for the guidance and feedback provided by my supervisor, who helped me hone my public speaking abilities and bolster my confidence.


Although my tenure at Kanna Health was brief, I felt a genuine sense of belonging to the team, thanks to being involved in the team’s meetings and discussions. I relished the opportunity to contribute my own perspectives and opinions, and appreciated the team's receptiveness to my input. Inclusion within the team was a vital aspect of my internship, and I am grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to participate in this manner. Moreover, a further aspect of my internship at Kanna Health that I truly relished was the flexibility offered by the position. The company provided the option to work from home, which proved incredibly beneficial in terms of diversifying my workspace and augmenting my productivity. I valued the laid-back environment of the office, where I could work collaboratively with my colleagues while still maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. Despite the intensity of certain projects, I appreciated the congenial atmosphere where we could interact with one another, go for lunch together, and discuss our work in a relaxed setting.

The skills and experiences I have learnt during my time at Kanna Health I could not learn whilst at university. I am immensely grateful to the team and to the organisation for affording me this opportunity, as it has helped to transform me into a more adept and knowledgeable employee. For anyone seeking to establish a career in the pharmaceutical industry, I would highly recommend applying for this internship, as the exposure and experience it provides are unparalleled.

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